Our Story

Local businesses are the backbone of any community – creating jobs, building supply chains and investing in their communities. Too often with the media focused on crime reporting and exposés, the positive stories about local businesses go untold. Through videos, feature stories and newswires, South Carolina CEO provides a voice for business leaders to share their stories of growth, innovation and performance, and the valuable lessons learned through experience.

South Carolina CEO is a network of local websites focused on the business communities in ten South Carolina cities and counting. We saw the need to tell the stories of businesses in the state after watching from across the border. We have been building Georgia CEO since 2010 and have grown it to include 9 cities and over 30,000 newsletter subscribers.

South Carolina CEO tells the story of business in a completely different way. Our videos capture local business leaders explaining in their own words what it takes to be successful. Our feature stories provide profiles of companies – both large and small – and their leaders. Through these and other elements on the local web sites, South Carolina CEO helps spark conversation, spread influence and promote the thought leadership that exists in every business community across the state. We are proud to be a voice for business in South Carolina.